The Building Process

 What is Design and Build – Box’s view

At first glance, Box™may seem comparable to one of those housing companies you see advertised on the television, in your letterbox and in the paper. We’re not. The company straddles the divide between bespoke architecture and group builders that offer generic plans. Take a second look at our homes. Our ability to adapt the design to the site and our client’s needs makes our houses as different as you are.

There is one similarity to those generic housing companies however. We promise to deliver homes to a guaranteed fixed budget. But it’s not our budget – it’s yours. Right from the start, you give us the defined parameters of what you can spend and we’ll give you transparent cost estimates and our commitment to the project. Then, once we’ve worked together to finalise the design, a fixed price build contract is drawn up, where you can see all the detail you need.

Our clients tell us a significant reason they come to us (apart from our modernist good looks of course) is that we’re a one-stop-shop with a proven track record. Once we’ve collaborated to achieve the design you are happy with, and our team has got all the right documentation in order (including council approvals and resource consent if necessary), in a seamless transition, we move on to the build.

 ‘You’ at the centre of design

Making design decisions together is integral to the Box™ method. When you join Box™ on your journey to a new home, you’ll meet and work with an awesome Design Lead as your single point of contact from go to whoa – right from the initial sketch design to the first spade in the ground and finally to the key in the door with that new home smile.

Our design philosophy centres on a system that is standardised in some ways, yet personalised in others. That’s because every site and project has so many variables: access, gradient, orientation, planning controls, budget, brief, outlook, neighbor’s and site stability to name a few. In our world it is seldom possible to take an existing design and plonk it on a different site so we need flexibility to deliver perfectly. What we do have is the knowledge (300 homes and counting) and a proven kitset of parts that can be manipulated to your needs.

Your brief is our mandate. Itshould include a spatial set of criteria (for example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms) but should also embrace the emotional aspects of building. How do you envision using the spaces? What is the feeling you’re trying to evoke?

With the overall scheme complete, next comes the ‘fun’ stuff – the ‘shopping list’ of fixtures and fittings - our clients can have as much input as they wish. Whatever you choose, one thing is a given: the design will always have ‘you’ at its heart.

‘Us’ at the centre of the build

Once the last light-fitting has been chosen and the final tap is selected, it’s time to get started on the build. On average it takes seven months for the design process to be complete. From there on in, Box™ will take over the reins so you can sit back, relax (or jitter about in anticipation) and watch the magic unfold.