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Chip off the old block

By Claire McCall | 01 March 2014

  There are some building materials that have earned their place in the hearts and minds of New Zealanders: Fibrolite is one, concrete block is…

Box™ Rewind: Joseph Eichler (1900 – 1974)

By Claire McCall | 28 February 2014

The conundrum about how houses can be mass producible yet personalised is nothing new; making good architectural design accessible to the ‘middle class’ is a foundation of…

Clean Living

Box™ homes are eco-friendly homes

By Claire McCall | 30 December 2013

ECO BOX The design-and-build industry is not a natural front runner in the sustainability stakes. The extraction and manufacturing of building materials leaves an awkward…

The roots of Box™ modernist architectural design and build

By Claire McCall | 29 December 2013

Box™ is inspired by mid-century modernist architects, who produced beautiful, accessible and affordable modern homes. Post-war architecture and Case Study Homes At Box™, we are…