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Colour in architecture

Box™ advocates incorporating a splash of rainbow attitude into your new build or renovation Black is not back Any colour as long as it’s black. While that is a broad-brush statement, this does seem to be the motto of architects everywhere – you see it in their clothes and in their cars so little wonder…

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Show me the money

It may seem gauche to launch into talking about money from the get-go but, when you’re considering who will design and build what is probably the biggest investment of your life, cost is always front of mind so it’s bound to come up sooner or later. We prefer sooner. Really we do. And when the…

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The dos and don’ts of building in a heritage zone

When it comes to building in city-fringe suburbs where villas and bungalows predominate, protecting Auckland’s architectural heritage is important. But that doesn’t mean slavishly copying the design ideas of the past. Showing respect is a given but equally vital is to create good-looking homes that key into the wider neighbourhood without compromising lifestyle. When zoning…

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Looking back to the future

Auckland’s architecture has around 150 years of colonial built history to look back on, a residential suburban landscape pocketed with examples that morphed with the times through the decades. Box™ is well-known for its commitment to the modernist style – the architecture of the mid-century – in particular the case study houses of California that…

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