Frequently Asked Questions

What budgets do you build for?

Box™ has worked with building cost budgets from $500k to $3m. Typically, total project budgets are between $750,000 and $1,300,000.


Do you give a fixed cost to build a house?

Yes. We fix the cost for all construction work, with the exception of works in the ground – usually drainage and earthworks (unless it is an easy site). We estimate earthworks costs as accurately as we can, but the final cost is sometimes dependent on factors in the ground that we cannot see

What is the cost per square metre?

The Box™ sqm rate varies depending on whether the house is single or double storey, the site is flat or sloping, and the configuration of the final design — for example, a cube is more cost-effective than a ‘U’ shape. During the house design process, we also consider the efficiency of the build to get the design in on budget. Remember that there are potentially site costs and ‘pre-construction’ costs (design, council, survey, engineering etc) to add to this. If you’re in any doubt feel free to contact Box™ and we go through a thorough costing exercise as a first step. The smaller the house the higher the cost per square metre. Bear this in mind when comparing with other companies who sell houses of 250sqm+, which reduces the square metre building cost. We prefer to see houses designed better and more efficiently, rather than follow the trend of ‘if you can’t design it well, design it big!’. Quality of space, not quantity is what we’re good at.

Are you more expensive than other design & build companies?

Box™ is less expensive than bespoke architect-designed house builders and more expensive than group house building companies. We sit bang in the middle of the two. Our system is a hybrid — you get good architectural design, with efficiency of build and certainty of cost. We often bring down the cost-per-square-metre rate by designing your new home to be slightly smaller, but better — with no loss of quality of space or perception of size. The design costs are generally 10% to 50% less than what you would pay architectural practices, because of our ‘one stop shop’ setup.