Bigger than the sum of its parts

Tiny Gem!

Written by Claire McCall

Small houses are big news – which is as it should be. We’ve always believed that, with clever design, ‘quality’ gives a better result than ‘quantity’ any day of the week. So when Box™ sales and marketing manager Peter (and his partner Hannes) built a 110-square-metre everyday escape on Waiheke Island,  we used every trick in the book to pack as much easy living into the compact footprint as possible. These included: running the internal ceiling directly outdoors to create a covered deck which feels part of the living zone; adding a set of wide, grandstand-style steps as access to the home which are well used as a seating area in summer; including a central atrium to bring light into the heart of the home; using built-in elements, such as the bed and bedside tables in the master bedroom, to save space.
You can read more about this tiny gem in the April issue of Your Home & Garden magazine, so look out for it.