Fly My Pretty

Our First Workshop-Built Home

Written by Claire McCall

It was with enormous pride (and admittedly a little trepidation) that last month we installed our first workshop-built home on a hair-raising site in Waiheke Island. Constructed in our Henderson facility, it was designed in six ‘modules’ in the controlled environment of the shop floor before, like a fledgling, it took off on a long and winding journey into the big, wide world! It travelled by road, by barge, and then by road again, to reach its the final destination. Which is when the heart-in-the-mouth ‘fun’ with the crane began!

A phenomenal amount of work went into preparing the site to receive the newbie. The parking deck, for instance, was designed on a massive concrete pile so it could support the weight of the stabilising arm of the crane. Watching the crane driver skillfully and with huge finesse lower each part into place brought a happy tear to the eye. The logistics of coordinating the two Box™ teams working on this project (one on the factory floor, the other on site) have been phenomenal. We’ve learned a lot. Can’t wait to see the two-bedroom, two bathroom home complete.