Take it to the Top

What has climbing a mountain in Africa got to do with Box™?

Well, if we’re honest, not a lot, although we could draw parallels with how much preparation goes into the planning of this exciting journey, how expecting the unexpected is a smart tactic for success without stress, how it takes absolute teamwork to reach the ultimate goal – and how, when you finally get there, it was all so bloody worthwhile!

Our PR person, Claire, returned to our offices bearing photographic evidence of her Christmas holiday achievement: summiting Mount Kilimanjaro with her partner James and her 14-year-old son Freeman. At 5895 metres (19,341 ft) above sea level (that’s Mt Cook and Mt Taranaki balanced on top of each other), it’s the highest freestanding mountain in the world. She was so enthusiastic about the entire experience (well, maybe not so enamored by the -20 degree C at the top) that a few of us were inspired to climb to the roof of Africa ourselves one day.  Before we do, we have a few more metaphorical mountains to climb right here at the office.