10 Ways We're Summer Lovin' At Box™

The summer of 2018 looks set to be a scorcher but whether you stay put for the holidays, or get away to play, a house that makes friends with the sun and scenery gives that holiday feeling all year round.

At Box™, we use a number of tried-and-true design strategies to achieve this:

1. An L- or U-shaped floorplan creates the perfect embrace in which to locate a pleasant, sheltered courtyard.
2. Full-height, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors instantly give the feeling of more spaciousness and room to breathe.
3. Even when you require a wall to be solid – for a bank of kitchen cabinetry, for example – maintain the connection to the sky and backdrop with high or clerestory windows beneath a tall roofline.
4. Louvres are perfect for letting in the cooling cross breeze – and today’s louvres come with firm locking mechanisms and optional security bars (particularly good for holiday homes that can remain unoccupied for weeks at a time).
5. We favour glass balustrades around decking for an unobstructed view.
6. Wide, grandstand-style stairways provide access to the patio or pool from the upper levels of a home – and bonus – they double as casual outdoor seating!
7. At Box™, we often run the indoor ceiling straight across the threshold to the outdoors. With no change in material, it’s seamless (which makes the house feel bigger) and creates good cover for an alfresco area.
8. Corners of the house can be ‘peeled back’ completely using sliders (without posts) and a flush sill.
9. Built-in window seats (beneath sliders) add a relaxed element that allows you to read with a view, and a breeze, or keep an eye out to check the kids (or young at heart) aren’t getting in to too much mischief!
10. Don’t forget those utilitarian areas. Even in a corridor, slot windows maintain an important link to the outdoors.