Steely Character

The Box™ build team never shy away from a challenge – and they were served a double helping with this project in Cockle Bay. The steep site had a gradient of 45° in places and access over a very high retaining wall. The height difference between the lower foundations and the driveway was in the region of 9 metres. This is probably the hairiest build we’ve considered, and boy have we done a few!

Actually, it’s usually the design team that accepts the challenge on behalf of the construction team so the construction boys just need to put heads down and get on with it! This was a Custom design and build project in every sense, and we are very fortunate to have two remarkable people as our clients who have worked closely with us and trusted us every step of the way – it sure makes things go more smoothly and helps create a great team atmosphere.

Happily the weather sort-of played ball and when a crane delivered the structural steel to the site and the team, guided by Design Lead Duncan Thomas, ensured the job went like clockwork. “Everything went amazingly well due to the accuracy of the drawings, the accuracy of the steel manufacturing and most importantly the accuracy of the build to date,” says Tony Borland-Lye, Box™ Design Manager.

The newly installed black steel work will support the decking and living areas. “It’s just a pity only the decking steel will be visible once the house is completed,” says Tony who is one of those people that gets excited by robust structural framing, giving away his modernist inclinations.

Big ups to Sullivan Hall (design engineers), Aaron from Pengelly Engineers (manufacturing) and Shane Dekker (site foreman) and his team as well as, of course, the crane driver who didn’t drop a beam!

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