Efficient Design Build Process

Since we do design, costing, construction, management under one roof, we are in control of the process from start to finish. We’re responsible and accountable from the very beginning which makes things straight forward for you – there’s only one company to point the finger at!

Since the teams work so closely together and we do not re-invent the wheel from one project to the next, our design costs are general about half those of traditional architects. One reason for this is our comprehensive library of construction details, which we know work well and can be re-used on different projects. This means that we spend more time designing something that works for the site and brief rather than being bogged down in technical trivia. We also know that the buildings will go together correctly, so less time spent observing work on site and solving site problems.

The other benefit of the all-in-one team is our ability to share information super quickly and accurately between teams. The way we draw means that the costing team can import drawings into their software and give quick cost estimations. We also use software to communicate with the guys on site, often using tablets and eliminating the issues with soggy paper and contractors having the wrong version of documents (yes we have delivered yellow doors instead of green ones in the past!)

But the biggest asset has to be the sharing of knowledge between teams. Finally designers appreciate the practical challenges of construction, while some of the builders and managers are getting to grips with ‘why did the architect do that dumb detail?’. A mutual entente builds a happier and more proficient team!