Award-Winning Design and Function

Box™ mid-century modern design fits New Zealand lifestyle and built environment beautifully. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our designs, the simplicity and beauty of our design aesthetic. For us it is about, light, proportion, good function and creating spaces that you will love being in.

At Box™, we are mad on modernism – but not at the expense of practical design. When American architect Frank Lloyd Wright predicted in 1908 that in the future, architecture would have fewer forms, fewer lines and yet be more articulate, pure and elegant, he was right on the money. That’s the way modernists such as Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, and Charles and Ray Eames were designing in the post-war boom of West Coast California. It therefore makes us cry when we see the complexity of ugly roof forms and shapes in our beautiful environment.

At Box™, we take many of our design cues from these Case Study homes, built in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Their relaxed style was Kiwi to the core. They featured open-plan layouts, vast curtain walling and oodles of indoor/outdoor flow. Add a backyard barbecue and you’d be set.

Above: An example of one of Eichler’s typical ranch houses.

That’s why we admire San Francisco property developer (yes, property developer) Joseph Eichler. He set up a design-and-build system that brought good-looking modernism to the suburbs at an affordable price.

That’s what Box™ does too. Similar to Eichler, we use a post-and-beam structural skeleton. This allows the flexibility to create large, open spans in a cost-effective way. It’s a modular system in that we stick to a standardised set of components (many of which can be built off-site) and a set palette of materials.