A Multi-Disciplinary Team

Since we employ our own designers, quantity surveyors and builders, it is easy to collaborate on each project from the very start. This means that you get great design with a healthy dose of practicality and buildability. And since we are costing your project from the very start, it is easier for us to iron out any budget wrinkles early on in the process with the expertise of builders and quantity surveyors.

Having the costing team and build team in-house is a great benefit, because we can work through budget constraints and issues (yes they will happen!) much faster than the conventional process. We can also pick the builders brains as to how to build things better and cheaper as we go.

Buildings are inherently complex beasts. While we continually make changes to create more certainty around design & building costs, it is great to have the team within reach of a paper dart so that we can continually improve and knock down problems quickly.