Good Citizens

Box™ are well versed in implementing solar water heating, solar power, water collection and reticulation, and wastewater treatment.

We live in perhaps the most awesome country on the most awesome planet we’re aware of, so why s*** in our own backyard? Unfortunately us Kiwis have not been great at doing this in the past. For us at Box™, being good citizens means:

  • striving to improve the built environment through design that is sympathetic to our environment, climate and culture (often referred to as ‘context)
  • creating buildings that are built as efficiently as possible with materials that are fit for purpose, durable and ultimately re-cyclable. We have options – some more homes more environmentally friendly than others. But across the board we are trying to improve the sustainability of materials used
  • not building homes that are bigger than they need to be. Over the last 40 years the average house size has doubled and the family size halved. That’s crazy. We believe in quality over quantity.
  • design buildings that function efficiently. This may mean using principles of passive design, or systems that produce power, deal with waste and re-use stormwater. We’ve done this heaps, particularly on Waiheke island
  • contribute where we can to a more equitable society. We are are proud contributors to the 1% Collective. Please donate. We are also proud to bring apprentices through to become fully-fledged carpenters with BCITO