Two in one: Langs Beach House

Exterior deck of Langs Beach holiday home Auckland

On the western side, the balcony looks out towards the water and further up to the Whangarei Heads. Image: Emma-Jane Hetherington

Two houses in one. That’s what Judy Ford was after when she built on this covetable Langs Beach section north of Auckland. “This particular piece of land really spoke to us,” she says. “And I liked the fact it was within a gated community, which offered more privacy and security.”

Ford is a busy woman. A fashion manufacturer who designs her own range that’s sold throughout New Zealand, she’s equally committed to spending quality time with her three boys and their partners as well as her two young grandchildren. So when she met with Box™, she asked for a haven that could do double duty as a regular weekend retreat for her and also, in the holidays, could adapt to accommodate the family.

It was a steep site with views facing north, east and west. It made sense to design a two-level home that ran the length of the narrow section. Tucked into the hillside, the result looks like a houseboat, its stern anchored into the slope, its bow drifting into the sea.

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Upstairs is the main living zone and master suite, which acts as a self-contained area for Ford. Downstairs, a kitchenette, separate living/TV room and bunk beds for the younger generation means this level can operate independently. The house can expand easily from one bedroom to five.

Sloping site build of Langs Beach House
While this is a classic Box™ design, it has been customised to make maximum use of the building platform and to embrace the views. Rather than an unimaginative rectangular design, spaces are more organic in form.

The downstairs living room, for instance, is a pop-out that breaks the linearity, while floating decks are not, strictly speaking, cantilevered. They are supported by metal struts. Teamed with stainless-steel cross bracing, they bring an industrial edge to the building.

Decks on the seaward end extend the living on both levels, but offer quite different perspectives. Downstairs, occupants feel immersed in a fairy-tale forest. The immediacy of a pohutukawa grove floods the senses as light, seen through the branches, shimmers off the water’s surface beyond the trees. Upstairs, it’s all expansive skies and ocean, broken by distant humps of islands. “We can see Hen and Chickens Island and watch kayakers as they paddle from Waipu to Langs,” says Ford.

The material palette achieves a harmonious mix of contemporary crispness with textural touches that soften it. Stained Shadowclad on the exterior is paired with black aluminium joinery, which allows the home a humble presence. The existing rock wall on the perimeter was protected by a covenant. Box had to punch a hole in it for the driveway and front entrance but mimicked its finish in the retaining walls by putting a stone facing over the timber structure. Landscaping, mainly with natives, ensures the dwelling sits easily in the natural environment.

Living room interior design at Langs Beach home

Inside, there are polished concrete floors downstairs and oak overlay flooring in the ‘Judy zone’. Battens that form a screen on the stairwell are another typical Box™ feature. Rooms with thoughtful proportions and full-height glazing allow connection to wrap-around views.

Such transparency and connection to the environment is not really what Ford initially envisioned when she first started looking for a holiday home. “At that stage, I really wanted a real ‘bachy’ bach but nothing came up. Now, I really like the Box™ style because I think it suits the beach environment so well,” she says.

When it came to the kitchen, she had firm ideas about that as well. She replicated the exact layout of the one in her house in the city. The floor plan is identical and drawers and cupboards are allocated the same way – “it’s easier not to get confused”. Even the four-metre concrete bench is a carbon copy. “My nephews laughed at me, but why mess with a successful formula?”

Kitchen fitout at Langs Beach home

In many ways, this home is a continuation on a theme. “My parents had a similar set-up in the Bay of Islands when I was growing up,” explains Ford. “And my late husband taught photography so we have had many of his beach scenes enlarged to display in a few areas of the house. He’s very much a part of this, too.”

Sitting on the deck in solitude or surrounded by family is idyllic at any time of day, whether it’s breakfast at the table beneath the louvres in the outdoor living room or making pizzas in the alfresco wood-fired oven for dinner.

“With the right people around me, building and decorating has been such a neat experience. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I can’t wait to do another project.”

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