Hekerua House: Post 1


A cooking show featuring an Australian celebrity chef is not a commonplace catalyst for choosing a place to live. 11 years ago, whilst living and working in Taiwan, a TV show that featured Neil Perry prepare a sizzling barbecue dish at a vineyard on Waiheke Island, the sumptuousness of the sun, scenery and seafood was enough to convince my partner and I to emigrate.

After a long and thoughtful search and after many years of renting, we eventually managed to secure a 1043-square-metre property on Waiheke to build on. It was time to start planning the home and we were really attracted to the clean, modernist lines of the typical Box™. At the same time we didn’t want something ‘ordinary’, and encouraged Box™ to add some quirky touches to the design.

During the process I was also employed by Box™ as Sales & Marketing Manager, which is a really interesting position to be in – both as a client and an employee I get to see both sides of the process.

Box™ has designed a concept using four rectangular modules positioned to enclose a central atrium – a design that could also be configured to form a pin-wheel. The concept of pavilions around a transparent core is rather 70s in style – but this is a contemporary take on that theme. Depending on who you talk to, it’s a light-well, atrium or mini courtyard. We had planned to plant it with lush foliage, but now a small seed has been planted to construct a spiral staircase within the core of the light-well in order to get up to roof level….  A separate ‘pod’ is set aside as a local Box™ office, a meeting place for clients who want to build on Waiheke.

It has taken 12 months to get this far and with the preparation work done, we are following the emergence of a brand new house with mounting excitement.

With the slab down and framing up, I will be posting erratically as the build now starts to take shape and will hopefully have a few interesting insights (and pictures) to share, both with my employee and client hats on.

This week I’m expecting to see the start of the cladding and according to the build program, our roof is booked in for Monday!